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Thur 6/19/2014 4:23 PM
— “It would be very helpful if my employees could have residential parking passes/stickers that would allow them to park in 2 hour parking spaces, ticket-free. Shifts are normally 8 hours long; there is no time to go out and move our vehicles every few hours. Several of my employees get ticketed DAILY.”
Mon 6/162014 10:55 PM — “Please address the issue of the city not allowing dedicated street parking for businesses. It is very difficult to run my College Hill business because of the students taking up all of the parking spaces.”
Sat 4/5/2014 5:50 AM — “Heavy student traffic from Weaver emptying onto McGee Street and into the neighborhood. We should ask Weaver to have cars enter and exit the parking lot from Market Street.”
Fri 4/4/2014 10:51 AM — “The work towards beautifying the neighborhood is great! Getting things spruced up and repaired is a good step towards helping all who live there take better care of the neighborhood. I’d like to see some thought go into taking care of the large amount of litter. Also, some community building activities with the renters in the area to help them feel a sense of ownership and pride towards the neighborhood. Some of the rental houses are just in awful shape. Is there a way to get the owners to take better care of them? (Significant paint issues, yards gone bad, furniture and junk all over…)”


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