Phase I Temporary Traffic Safety Treatments Installed!

Between Friday, July 28 and Tuesday, August 1, an intrepid band of College Hill volunteers joined Andrew Howard and Jonathan Braddick of Team Better Block, along with City staff, and and others to install a variety of innovative traffic control treatments along Mendenhall street and several cross-streets.  Despite some hiccups with the temporary roundabout at the Walker/Mendenhall intersection, initial observations suggest that the treatments are having the desired effect of alerting motorists to slow down and drive carefully.  Here’s a brief description of what you’re seeing out there (roughly from north to south):

Median Islands for safer pedestrian crossing and slower traffic.
(Carr / Mendenhall and Rankin / Mendenhall intersections)
Pavement Murals in parking lane & intersection.
(Rankin / Mendenhall intersection)02_Street_Murals
Stencil-Art Crosswalks.
(McGee / Mendenhall and Carr / Mendenhall intersections)03_Stenciled_Crosswalk
DIY Demo for installing pavers in planting strip.
(In front of 303 S. Mendenhall)
04_DIY_ PaverDemo
Sailboat Themed Parklet / school bus stop, with shade and seating.
(Carr/Mendenhall intersection)
Reclaimed Parking Spaces, for safer intersection operation.
(Carr at Mendenhall)
“Woonerf” or play street.
(McGee, west of Mendenhall)
Reclaimed Excess Lane for use by people.
(Purple area on Walker at Mendenhall intersection)
Temporary Roundabout.
(Walker/Mendenhall intersection, 7/31 to noon on 8/2 only)
Chicanes and Lane-Shift.
(Mendenhall between Walker and Morehead)

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